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Festival of the roses in Kazanlak, Bulgaria

The Bulgarian rose production is popularised every year during the Festival of Roses. This festival of the roses originates from the celebrations held at the beginning of the rose-harvesting period. Old rose growers used to organize pageantries in which manufacturers paraded, dressed up in rose flowers. The first rose festival in Kazanlak took place in 1903. Few years later, a similar fest was organized in the town Karlovo, situated in the same area –

Rose festival in Kazanlak, Bulgaria
Rose festival in Kazanlak, Bulgaria

Rozova dolina (Rose valley) and also famous with its rose production. The first celebration on a national level was held in Pavel Banya on June 4, 1967. Manufacturers from the whole valley, together with masked dancers, called “koukeri” were singing and dancing during the whole fest. This type of celebrations became traditional in Kazanlak and later on in Karlovo too. The festival of Roses can be viewed as a tribute which is paid 

to beauty every year. Three main events are interesting for the guests of the festival - the electing of Queen Rose, the harvesting ritual in the rose gardens and the parade along the streets of the town. The rose industry has long ago proved its primary importance as a means of sustenance for the people living in the Rose Valley. For them, it has become become a way of approaching Nature.   Rose festival in Kazanlak, Bulgaria
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